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Hokkaido is the land of 4 season. The flowers blooming in spring, cicadas buzzing in the warm summer days, the spectacular autumn leaves in the fall, and the snow-filled winter. Many people who have come to visit have fallen in love with this amazing place. 


When summer comes, Furano is a place filled with lavender. Looking far into the distance and you will see that on a hill in the distance, there is a beautiful sea of purple made out of lavender. Farm Tomita is the most famous destination to look at the flowers that bloom during summer season, many people go out of their way just to see them. The guests who have come to love this flower-filled farm have also come to enjoy nature. In Furano, guests have faced the problem of having to find a place to stay but we have an answer. 


In Naka-Furano, Jstyle B.J. Club is located on the mountainside surrounded by trees, walking on the small path, it is like you have entered a secret forest. As you slowly drive into the pathway, in front of you lays two wooden lodges. Outside of the lodge is filled with different kinds of flowers and fresh blueberries that can be picked. If you are lucky, you might even be able to see a wild fox. 

Heading inside, you are met with an all wooden interior that is 2 stories high. The room is cozy while the living room is spacious, the kitchen that includes all of the needed accessories wraps up the package. At night, the loft bedroom on the second floor is very quiet as the starry sky is visible through the window. 


Outside of the lodge lays an open field filled with the combination of fresh air and green grass for you to relax and enjoy the nature surrounding you. You are provided with free parking, whilst tourist destinations are less than thirty minutes away: Farm Tomita being five minutes by car, Saika no Sato being ten minutes on foot, and Bestom Supermarket in a 15 minute distance by car. There are also many delicious restaurants in the area making this place very suitable for the whole family to go on an adventure in the natural forests of Hokkaido.

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